Re: NT truth (formerly inerrancy?)

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Fri Jan 02 2004 - 13:19:35 EST

Hi Wally, you wrote:

>Nicely put, Sheila. I must introduce you to the Wally Hicks theory of
>Christianity Exams (not yet published in PSCF). According to this theory,
>God will ultimately give all Christians the following exam. Point scores
>for correct answers are shown in parentheses after each question. It is a
>good idea to study scripture for the correct answer to each question.
>1.) How old is the universe? (0)
>2.) How old is the earth? (0)
>3.) How exactly did God Create life on Earth? (0)
>4.) How exactly did God create man (evolution or intervention)? (0)
>5.) How many gallons of oil does one dinosaur make (you may substitute
>"one giant redwood tree")? (0)
>6.) Is Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior? (100)

The point missed here is that most of those who would get the first four
questions dead wrong (the fifth question nobody can answer), would answer
"yes" to the last question. And many who know the first two questions with
a conviction gained through extensive education, would confidently answer
the last question, "no." Why? It all appears to ride the same horse.

By tying the young earth hypothesis to the Bible, it is the Bible itself
that appears to bear the brunt of responsibility. In essence, YECs hand a
"get out of jail free card" to non-believers. If the Bible can't be
trusted at the beginning, why believe any of it? So, "eat, drink, and be
merry for tomorrow we die."

This is the tragic downside of YEC doctrine. Essentially, YEC is a cancer
in the body of Christ. I believe it is the duty and responsibility of
those of us who trust the Bible, and science, to work together to expunge
that cancerous growth.

The idea that we can just allow it because it does no harm is ensconced in
incredible naivety.
Dick Fischer - Genesis Proclaimed Association
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