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    >>Humphreys writes: "After surveying the evidence for geomagnetic polarity reversals for myself, I concluded that they had indeed occurred. I proposed that they took place rapidly during the Genesis Flood<<

    > If Humphreys were careful he would have said "Today's energy decay rate is so high that the geomagnetic field could not be more than a few dozen millennia old IF WE EXTRAPOLATE PRESENT DATA BACK THAT FAR." (My emphasis added.)<

    These illustrate a couple of peculiarities common in YEC (young-earth creationism) arguments. By admitting that reversals have occurred, Humphreys indirectly admits that other YEC advocates slander conventional geologists in denying the existence of reversals. Internal consistency is not a concern.

    The second is an example of the unjustified uniformitarianism that is popular as a base for YEC arguments. Ironically, the hypocritical and illogical accusation of uniformitarianism as inherently atheistic is also popular among YEC advocates.

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