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Date: Tue Sep 30 2003 - 11:20:42 EDT

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    >>I don't see that. If after all their good work, accounting for some
    of complexity by a naturalistic mechanisms seems intractable to
    then their logical conclusion would be that there must be some other
    causative agent involved. >>

    The obvious question is -- how much "good work" must be done before that
    logical conclusion is justified.

    You used the words " it will prove ID." But science does not "prove," it
    can (to an extent) disprove. Even Ptolemy's models can never be
    falsified, for one can always add one more epicycle to justify the latest

    We tend to think that "modern science" has really gotten things well
    figured out. Our great great grandchildren will know better. Of course,
    they will make the same error about 22nd century science.


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