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Date: Tue Sep 30 2003 - 07:50:06 EDT

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    > Sure, "gnosticism" can be used in a very general sense for any religion or
    > philosophy which emphasizes /gnosis/, knowledge. Clement of Alexandria,
    > e.g., called
    > Christianity the true gnosis.

    I suppose, but I made the distinction between gnosis (ontology - a state of
    being) and gnosticism (philosophy,cosmogony,cosmology - ways of TALKING ABOUT
    being) which is crucial. I'm going to stick to that distinction because its
    the important one which is why I mentioned it.
    To give you an example, kabbalists also have a philosophy with a demiurge who
    creates the world and an ineffable God in the background but kabbalists also
    developed devekut or "communion with god" which is essentially (redemption in
    the here and now). One concept a philosophy, the other a state of being.
    Clement was right. That's why the magi came. The Persian priests. Persia
    still had the memory of the ancient self sacrifice. Olmstead says in Darius' time,
    men would still willingly sacrifice themselves for their satrap. Darius was
    fond of saying - I am an aryan, speaking of his religious roots

    rich faussette

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