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Date: Mon Sep 29 2003 - 22:48:51 EDT

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    I recall when it came out that I was reluctant to read it. In fact, I didn't
    read it until after I left YEC. I saw nothing wrong with it. Why don't you
    read it? It is in the library.

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    >John W Burgeson wrote:
    >> I remember reading Kitcher's
    >> ABUSING SCIENCE. I did not "like" what I read. But what he wrote could
    >> not be ignored. When I returned to ICR's claims, and found them
    >> incomplete, off base, sometimes (often) false, there was no way I could
    >> intellectually hold to them. Fifteen years later, I have found no reasons
    >> to return to them; they get flakier every year.
    >I asked some friends about Kitcher's book. I haven't seen it
    >myself. Here is
    >what one of them said:
    >"He was 'influenced' by Kitchers' book, "Abusing Science." ???"
    >"The hard core evolutionists I've debated from 1993 and on,
    >including those on
    >Talk.Orig, either agreed the book stunk or simply distanced
    >themselves from it;
    >none were able to defend Kitchers' book without embarrassing
    >themselves. Kitcher
    >abused his own reputation with that book."
    >"I would reference Kitchers book as a standard of poor science in action."

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