Kitcher's Book

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Date: Mon Sep 29 2003 - 21:20:53 EDT

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    John W Burgeson wrote:

    > I remember reading Kitcher's
    > ABUSING SCIENCE. I did not "like" what I read. But what he wrote could
    > not be ignored. When I returned to ICR's claims, and found them
    > incomplete, off base, sometimes (often) false, there was no way I could
    > intellectually hold to them. Fifteen years later, I have found no reasons
    > to return to them; they get flakier every year.

    I asked some friends about Kitcher's book. I haven't seen it myself. Here is
    what one of them said:
    "He was 'influenced' by Kitchers' book, "Abusing Science." ???"

    "The hard core evolutionists I've debated from 1993 and on, including those on
    Talk.Orig, either agreed the book stunk or simply distanced themselves from it;
    none were able to defend Kitchers' book without embarrassing themselves. Kitcher
    abused his own reputation with that book."

    "I would reference Kitchers book as a standard of poor science in action."


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