What Would Jesus Do?

From: Dick Fischer (dickfischer@earthlink.net)
Date: Mon Sep 29 2003 - 12:56:20 EDT

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    Darryl wrote:

    >I love satire as much as the next person but I don't find things such as
    >this humerous. I certainly disagree with these peoples' science and as a
    >scientist I will be critical of their science but as a person I will not
    >ridicule them as people or as a group. As a Christian I can't feel good
    >about doing so and as a scientist I can't see any way it would facilitate
    >any attempted conversation with them for them to know I made such
    >statements when talking about them to others - and if the statements are
    >made they will find out.

    Based upon their misinformed Bible interpretation, these creationist
    organizations (ICR, AIG) sow seeds of mistrust in scientists. They
    undermine belief in things that can be verified and substantiated with
    solid data and evidence, the age of the earth being the prime
    example. This is deliberate on their part. What they try to do to science
    is reprehensible.

    For hard-working Christians attempting to reach the lost with the gospel
    message, it's worse. Essentially ICR and AIG defecate in the water we
    evangelists must tread in our efforts to bring new followers to
    Christ. Many well-educated people reject the entire Bible thinking that it
    is all a fabrication. What these creationist organizations try to prove is
    that scientific findings are unreliable because of what the Bible "clearly"
    says. Instead they "prove" the Bible inept because of its shoddy science.

    In my humble estimation, you play footsy with these organizations at your

    >Many people have been running around the past few years askings "What
    >would Jesus do?"

    Jesus cast out the money changers. That's my example. Do we have the same

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