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    >Jay asks:
    >...........Could someone refer me to succinct statements of these
    >nonsensical ideas in ICR and AIG sites (or ASA archives or one of the ASA
    >member's sites)?

    ICR was founded by Henry Morris who wrote "The Genesis Record." Here are
    some low lights:

             ... it is as obvious as anything could be that the fossil record
             now found in the sedimentary rocks of the earth's crust could
             only have been formed sometime after man sinned.

    Talking about the days of creation being 24-hour periods even though the
    sun (in their interpretation) wasn't created until the fourth day:

             The formula may be rendered literally: "And there was evening,
             then morning--day one," and so on. It is clear that, beginning
             with the first day and continuing thereafter, there was established
             a cyclical succession of days and nights--periods of light and
             periods of darkness.

             Such a cyclical light-dark arrangement clearly means that the earth
             was now rotating on its axis and that there was a source of light on
             one side of the earth corresponding to the sun, even though the sun
             was not yet made (Genesis 1:16). It is equally clear that the length
             of such days could only have been that of a normal solar day.

    Postulating the "vapor canopy":

             In the original world, however, there was no rainfall on the earth.
             As originally created, the earth's daily water supply came primarily
             from local evaporation and condensation.

    If you want more, read the book.

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