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Date: Mon Sep 29 2003 - 08:17:37 EDT

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    Here is a slightly revised list of acronyms for this list. (& to state the
    obvious, some of these have other meanings in other contexts. PC can be "politically
    correct" or "personal computer" as well as "progressive creationism.") I received only
    a couple of suggested additions. Again, general internet abbreviations and highly
    specialized terms have not been included. After some consideration I decided also not
    to include either official or unofficial acronyms for church bodies (ELCA, RC, &c.)


    General Terms

            BB Big Bang

            CSI Complex Specified Information

            IC Irreducible Complexity

            ID Intelligent Design

            MN Methodological Naturalism (Not to be confused with Metaphysical
                    Naturalism, for which I suggest use of ON, "Ontological Naturalism.")

            MWH Many Worlds Hypothesis

            MWI Many Worlds Interpretation (of quantum mechanics).

            NT New Testament

            OEC Old Earth Creationism

            OT Old Testament

            PC Progressive Creationism

            QM Quantum Mechanics

            RFEP Robust Formational Economy Principle

            TE Theistic Evolution

            YEC Young Earth Creationism

    Organizations, Journals, &c.

            AIG Answers in Genesis

            ASA American Scientific Affiliation

            CTNS Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences

            DI Discovery Institute

            ICR Institute for Creation Research

            PSCF Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

            RTB Reasons to Believe

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