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Date: Mon Sep 29 2003 - 08:06:28 EDT

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    > > This is why Christianity has always had to resist (with greater or lesser
    > > success) gnostic ideas that salvation is about
    > > somehow escaping from the physical world & "going to heaven."
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    > gnosticism is not about escaping from the world - it's about facing it - this
    > is also the common misconception regarding Buddhism.

            I have said nothing about Buddhism, about which my knowledge is limited. I do
    know something about gnosticism, in the sense in which the word is used to describe
    religious movements in the Mediterranean world in the early centuries of the Christian
    era. Characteristic beliefs of these movements were that the physical world was some
    sort of inferior production of a lesser deity, and that salvation came through knowledge
    (hence the name) which would enable our true selves to be freed from the world. Of
    course I state this in very general terms: There was a wide variety of gnostic ideas.


    George L. Murphy

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