Re: Opposing Evoultionary Theory

Date: Sun Sep 28 2003 - 22:28:14 EDT

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    The development of sexual reproduction is an interesting case to ponder.
    What step-by-step process would produce an egg and sperm, and all the
    other equipment that goes along with being male and female? Is this
    irreducibly complex (IC)? What good is half an egg and half a sperm, or
    half a penis and half a vigina, or a fertilized egg with no uterus or no
    unbilical cord, or a baby that doesn't know how to suck, or a mother with
    no mammary glands?

    On Sun, 28 Sep 2003 17:45:48 -0400 Walter Hicks
    <> writes:
    > I would be interested in hearing from the list
    > about the negative aspects of evolutionary theory.
    > By this, I mean that we know that God could have
    > created man directly or that he could have done so
    > as an evolutionary process. I am interested in
    > what the data seems to show that opposes
    > evolutionary theory.

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