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From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 16:56:08 EDT

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    Wally wrote: "Burgy mentioned that Joe Sebeny will be speaking at his
    church (or a nearby
    one). Joe is well educated engineer who happens to believe in YEC. I knew
    some years back and he is a solid Christian who does not belittle those
    disagree with him. He doses, however, state that he believes the
    alternate view
    is inconsistent. He is one person that I think could be considered as
    "safe" --
    but perhaps not objective.

    If he has not changed, he might be an alternate possibility --
    especially when
    Burgy gets some feedback."

    I cannot agree with Wally in part of the above, for now I've heard Joe
    speak. I have posted my notes (today) on his Durango lecture on my
    website, page 2, section 4. Specifically, Joe DID "belittle" Hugh Ross,
    as well as assert specifically that TEs "do not worship the God of the
    Bible." He also said specifically that if you were not a YEC you were
    calling Jesus Christ a liar. In both cases, he made no caveat that
    non-YECs still might be Christians, although, to his credit, he did make
    that point, almost as an aside, at a later point in the lecture.

    He also said that non-YECs were "attacking the Bible."

    If you read my notes, you may get an idea if he would "fit" as an invited
    YEC proponent. He speaks both clearly and well, with passion for his
    peculiar position, and is apparently a "nice guy." OTOH, when I asked him
    a question after his lecture Saturday, he responded with a one word
    answer and turned away. I had emailed him with several questions sparked
    by recent posts here; I think he addressed none of them.

    I'll be posting part of my notes on the lecture later.


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