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From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Tue Sep 23 2003 - 17:50:01 EDT

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    Wally wrote, in part: "I agree with Burgy's line characterization as
    "Liars for Jesus" "

    Please note that I do not use that term myself, nor do I subscribe to it.
    I hold that the YEC leaders and speakers, as well as members of this
    list, are mistaken, and do say false things, but in so doing they are
    mistaken, not liars. A liar knows the truth and utters a falsehood. But
    anyone may be mistaken.

    Glenn once espoused some weird YEC doctrines, he was mistaken; he was not
    a liar. I call Joe Sebeny and Allen Roy's views mistakes; I do not accuse
    them of lying.

    There are people I might accuse of lying. John Ashcroft comes close, when
    he defends the indefensible sections of the "Patriot" act (with that
    name, who could vote against it?). But I will give even him the benefit
    of the doubt.


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