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From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Sat Sep 27 2003 - 13:30:54 EDT

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    Darryl wrote, in part: "as a person I will not ridicule them as people or
    as a group."

    I have a problem here. A "group" is not a person.

    I don't know that I've ever ridiculed ICR or AIG, but as "groups" they
    both stand for ideas which are nonsense -- that is their identity. Not so
    a person, whose identity is that of a "child of God."

    The purpose of a "good ridicule" is not to denigrate a person, but an
    idea, or a set of ideas. Thus when Dick suggested: "ICR: The Institute
    for Creating Ridicule." it was not only (I think) a decent guffaw but
    also an accurate description of what ICR accomplishes among many people.
    The "AIG: Agonizing in Genesis" suggestion, since AIG seems to specialize
    in torturous interpretations of Genesis, seems to also qualify.

    OTOH, I would not attach "Liars for Jesus" to either organization, for
    that calls in question the integrity of individual persons.

    That is the difference I see; I may be wrong.


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