Re: Darwinian and non-Darwinian (was Re: RFEP & ID)

From: Keith Miller (
Date: Sat Sep 27 2003 - 00:10:26 EDT

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    In my experience, "Darwinism" is commonly used as a pejorative that
    simply means "all aspects of evolution that I find objectionable." It
    is hardly ever defined, and is certainly not used in any consistent
    manner. I doubt whether many who use the phrase in public debate could
    even give a clear definition.

    An interesting part of this is that back during the conflict over
    science standards in Kansas, it was the anti-evolutionists who wanted
    to change the word "evolution" in the standards to "Darwinian
    evolution." Attaching the word Darwin to evolution produces an almost
    visceral negative reaction in some people.


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