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Date: Fri Sep 26 2003 - 22:54:45 EDT

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    Let's see. One person makes a list once, or everybody translates every
    acronym once in every post in which it's used. The former requires less
    total work; the latter, less work only for the person who doesn't want to
    look anything up. Rich's claim that the latter is standard practice is
    not what I have found. Abbreviations of matters that are supposed to be
    familiar to a specialty are often not spelled out. I encounter this
    repeatedly as I try to understand articles in /Science/. So maybe I
    should join the group and demand expansion: every term not listed in
    /Thorndike Century Junior Dictionary/ (used in elementary schools) must
    be defined when it is used. After all, scripture says, "comfort the
    feebleminded, support the weak" (I Thessalonians 5:14).

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    Some people active on the list have asked for definitions of acronyms in
    post. Others (including myself) feel that that's unrealistic. I have
    suggested & am
    trying to implement a compromise on this, making available a list of
    acronyms common on,
    & fairly distinctive of, the asa list.

    You could be saved the work if everyone simply agreed that it is best to
    identify an acronym at first use as is normally done in any written piece
    - no list maintenance, but that requires everyone demonstrate the same
    level of generosity in their efforts to be understood.

    rich faussette

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