The correcting of Glenn

From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Fri Sep 26 2003 - 14:15:20 EDT

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    Walter Hicks, offline kidded me that he hadn't seen me make a mistake, which
    of course is wrong. But in light of the charge by Josh and others which
    occur from time to time that I won't change my opinion, I think it is time
    to document a few of them.
    This way when someone makes the charge next time, I can add a few more
    examples and point them to it.

    I would ask that they search the following links for the words 'stand
    corrected'. You will see me changing my mind. I can find lots more but won't
    spend the time right now. search on Bowman in this
    one. This one mentions Walter

    I want people to understand that I will change my mind if my factual data is
    false. Interpretation of that data, is open for grabs for everyone.

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