Re: An interesting case study

Date: Fri Sep 26 2003 - 13:39:26 EDT

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    Allen Roy wrote:

    > So, it appears that what we have is CRSQ which puts it's policies up front
    > in a
    > statement of belief, and, on the other hand, PSCF (and other journals) that
    > discriminate against YECs without benefit of a formal belief statement.
    > Which
    > is more ethical?

    In principle, I don't think ASA does discriminate against YEC papers. It
    is more that the papers are not persuasive enough in the science. A number
    of things get published in PSCF that I'm not sure I can agree with, but they
    are still far more scholarly than what I usually see with creation science.

    Now granted, the label "creationist" guarantees it to be an up hill climb
    is bound to be _very_ severe --- indeed, much harder than Glenn Morton's
    paper could every have been --- but I think if there were really a sound
    case for YEC, it would be more likely to get an honest hearing here, than
    almost anywhere else. CRSQ would simply reject any evolution views on
    spot: no exceptions. I guess these are the rules and they follow them
    to the letter, but it is another matter whether that is more ethical or not.

    I do think Walt is very correct that we need to demonstrate a much better
    demeanor toward people who espouse YEC views. Otherwise, we are just
    like the rest of the world. Ridicule, taunt, flame, etc.

    By Grace alone we proceed,

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