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Date: Fri Sep 26 2003 - 10:23:54 EDT

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    Steve wrote:

    > Don wrote:
    > >>>>>>>>>>
    > I have gained the impression that if anyone can develop an ID scientific
    > research program then Mike will be the one to do it. However, he is
    > obviously
    > not a typical ID proponent of the Johnson-Behe-Dembski variety.
    > <<<<<<<<<<
    > I agree that Mike's attitude is what is needed. However, although Dembski
    > is obviously contentious at times, the following statement is, imo, an
    > example of the attitude that true theorists adopt. Will the Darwinians
    > the same statement?
    Bob's question:

        Who are "the Darwinians"? This is an ID designation, so what do
    they/you mean by "the Darwinians"? Is this intended to include all
    evolutionary biologists? Does it mean only "the extreme gradualists" Howard
    understands the term to mean in ID-speak? Who are you talking about?

    Bob Schneider

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