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    The interesting thing about all these is their rarity in the geologic column
    compared with the sorted sediments and precipitates. Those who believe in a
    global flood must deal with this issue. On the whole, however, I don't think
    they even know it exists.
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      Conglomerates are sometimes very poorly sorted. You might expect poor
    sorting whenever you have a very energetic process but relatively little
    water per rock. Turbidites are well-sorted rocks that come from high energy
    processes, but they formed on sea bottoms. ("Marine landslides.")

      Breccias from talus slopes can also be very poorly sorted. Any more?


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        Variants on the landslide theme, not exactly landslides, can be rather
    poorly sorted-e.g., brecchia due to cave collapse. Apart from things like
    that, I am not thinking of many options.

        The mud slurry idea has problems with the survival of organisms in it.
    Fine mud will clog up most organisms, which is part of why putting a dam on
    a river is such a good way of killing off native river-dwelling mollusks.

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