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Date: Fri Sep 26 2003 - 08:31:55 EDT

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    I vote with Sheila. I've been reading and submitting posts for several years but sometimes a new aacronym shows up and I have to dig back through several posts to find out what it stands for and some times I never find out. It won't bother me to write Instititue for Creation Reseach (ICR) or Answers in Genesis (AIG). But I don't post that often and sometimes Creation comes out Creatin or Cretion or worse yet Creton, but I generally catch those before the post get sent.

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      I do not believe this expectation is unreasonable in any way. Without explanations, the writings are often meaningless. This is a science forum, acronyms are expected and must be explained. If we were writing for a journal, all acronyms would be thoroughly explained when first used.

      Posting acronyms on a separate website would be helpful IF the website was included with every email but that is unreasonable. I don't want to flip back and forth between websites to figure out what someone is writing about. I want one explanation for each acronym the first time it is used in each email. It would add approximately 2.4 seconds for each email (give or take).


      George Murphy <> wrote:
        SHEILA WILSON wrote:
    > What is ICR????
    > Please include descriptions with abbreviations at least once at the BEGINNING of each email.

        Sheila -
        I understand your frustration but think it's unrealistic to expect each person
        who posts anything to list all acronyms. Terry, would it be possible to have something
        something available through the asa website that would list common acronyms (YEC, TE,
        MWI, &c)?

        George L. Murphy

      Sheila McGinty Wilson

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