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Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 23:18:10 EDT

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    ARGGGGG! :-(

    I said his 3 categories, not category 3. Do you stay up nights learning to
    misquote or misinterpret?

    And the ICR do not "lead" those in my church. That is what I am trying to avoid.

    I too shall learn to be careful and only refer to as liars, specific individuals
    not organizations. How do suggest that I express my disdain for ICR as an
    organization now that you have become a diplomat?

    How would characterize Morris (who tells lies about physical laws?); a well
    meaning dummy?


    Glenn Morton wrote:

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    > For SHEILA::
    > YEC= Young Earth Creation(ist)
    > ICR= Institute for Creation research
    > ASA= American Scientific Affiliation
    > GLENN MORTON is not an acronym. Just an oil man.
    > :-)
    > It is an accronym for a football play where the QB tells the RE what to do:
    > Go Left, East, Now North, Move Over Right, Turn Out Now!
    > Walter wrote:
    > >I directed my remarks against ICR. You direct yours against YECs. I know
    > what you
    > >mean, but what you say and what you mean are two different things. This is
    > the point
    > >I attempt to make.
    > I distinguish their ideas and beliefs not them. At least I haven't told any
    > of them that they are liars. Liars seems to be a word directed to an
    > individual, not an organization.
    > >I know many people who would be considered to be YECs and very few are
    > members of ICR
    > >or in tune with their scientific theories (see George's 3 categories of
    > YEC).
    > Walter, George's category 3 are Day Age people. They believe in an old earth
    > and thus are not YECs. One can hardly be YEC and believe in an old earth.
    > Occasionally, one like Allen or my good friend, Art Chadwick comes along who
    > believe in an old universe and young-earth. But the young-earth belief
    > makes them YECs
    > " Category 3 corresponds to Christians who have relatively sensible
    > ideas about
    > creation & evolution. Perhaps some of their views are unsophisticated
    > (e.g., day-age
    > schemes to "reconcile" Genesis 1 & evolution) but there is no urgency about
    > correcting
    > them." From George's post.
    > > I respect the YEC oriented people in my Church. I want to help them to see
    > a better
    > >"world view".
    > Calling their leaders 'liars' will not endear you to them.

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