From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 21:49:11 EDT

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    Don Nield wrote:

    >I have gained the impression that if anyone can develop an ID scientific
    >research program then Mike will be the one to do it. However, he
    >is obviously
    >not a typical ID proponent of the Johnson-Behe-Dembski variety.

    When Gordon Simons and I started our DNA statistical analysis, we decided to
    ask Behe to join our effort. I contacted Mike, explained a few of the
    strange things we had found in the statistical structure of DNA and asked if
    he would join us. He declined. I was surprised. If ID is to be found
    anywhere, it has to be found in the DNA and the statistics of DNA. To pass
    up an oppportunity to look at that data seemed odd given all the claims
    about ID.

    Of all the ID people, I felt that Mike would have been fair. Mike was the
    only ID guy I would have asked.

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