RE: Report on the YEC seminar in Durango, 9-2003

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Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 20:51:44 EDT

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    Josh wrote:

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    >>No, that reasoning doesn't apply. He let the people see him make it. That
    >>makes a big difference. he didn't set things up so they would think it was
    >>old wine, but that is what the YEC claim he did with the earth.
    >-It makes a big difference TO YOU.

    So what are you saying, I should only say to YECs things with which they
    agree???? What a strange idea. Of course it makes a difference to me and I
    have a perfect God-given right to try to persuade people that what matters
    to me SHOULD matter to them. Are you a crypto-censor?

    >>When have I ever said my view was the only sanctioned one. Please point me
    >>to that statement or withdraw the charge. It is erroneous. Do I argue for
    >>my position with zeal? Yes, but it isn't the only sanctioned view. You
    >>to retract that charge or demonstrate where I said that.
    >-Basically by saying that other views are forcing the bible into a
    >you say the same thing.

    Sorry, your logic is highly flawed. Just because YEC is false, false false,
    it doesn't therefore follow that my view is right right right, no matter how
    much or little I might feel that way. What their view being wrong does is
    make their view false.

    >You did not use the wording I used, therefore I
    >retract my statement with apology.

    Thanks for the apology.

    >>As I have said before, I think I have a pretty good idea of their thinking
    >>since I was among them for 40% of my life. I would not dispute with you
    >>about the mindset of Mormons--you are an expert there not me. But you are
    >>expert on YECs. Sorry.
    >-So YECs really believe that the apparent age argument makes God a liar?
    >Despite my lack of having spent years being a YEC, I think I can
    >discriminate between your jumped conclusions and their claims.

    Good grief. [sigh] they believe in the appearance of age. The logical
    deduction from this is that God is a liar. You are going to try to say
    again that I should only tell them things with which they agree.

    >>Mostly by people who don't spend time arguing false science. Those who are
    >>feeding the poor are feeding the poor, not writing silly pseudoscientific
    >>books. When I went to China, I even had a well known author ask
    >me to take
    >>his books to China. I thought he was crazy. I took the 4 spiritual laws.
    >>last thing the Chinese needed was to get into the anti-evolution business
    >>before they became christians. So, I don't think those publishing YECs are
    >>feeding the poor. They are too busy railing against science.
    >-You displayed wisdom here, good job.

    Thank you for the great blessing. I will mark this day in my calendar.
    Yippeeeeee! Please pat me on the head again. [pant pant, sit up and beg]

     And you think I am arrogant.

    Josh, I am finished with this discussion. I simply can't deal with this.

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