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From: George Murphy (
Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 19:13:13 EDT

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    SHEILA WILSON wrote:
    > Being HN (hard-nosed) myself, I have and will continue to FA (follow
    > after) Jan de Koning - deleting the acronym-filled unintelligible
    > emails. Intentionally posting emails that are unreadable because
    > of OUAWE (over-usage of acronyms without explanation) is rude ATVL
    > (at the very least).
    > Please reconsider. Not everyone has been in this group for years.
    > This is my first exposure to the terms YEC (young earth creationism)
    > vs OEC (old earth creationism). I knew nothing about ID (intelligent
    > design) or IC (still trying to remember that one). As a Christian
    > geologist, the information has been extremely helpful . . . when I
    > understand the acronyms, OC (of course). I haven't even tried the
    > robust whatever economic thing because, sheesh, no one ever bothered
    > to explain that one and it was too exhausting.
    > I do have a strong desire to understand the emails but, without some
    > explanation, and occasional reminding I rarely understand no matter
    > how hard I try.

    Sheila -
            I am not trying to be rude, just realistic. Your attempted parody doesn't work:
    The use of acronyms & abbreviations which have long been in use on a list (however
    unfamiliar they may be to newcomers) is not at all the same thing as arbitrary
    one-time abbreviation of a sentence or phrase by the first letters of its words. Nor, I
    would add, is it the same as an individual using his or her idiosyncratic shorthand.
    There are plenty of abbreviations that I use in my own notes but which I wouldn't use on
    a list such as this.

            There ought to be a way to have a list of common abbreviations which can be sent
    to anyone who becomes a participant on the list. E.g., an appropriate web address could
    be part of the standard post welcoming new participants on the list. Terry, would there
    be any problem with that aspect of it? I would be glad to compose the list of acronyms
    & abbreviations, hoping that others who have been on for awhile would contribute any
    that I would no doubt miss. It shouldn't take long & it could be updated periodically.

    George L. Murphy

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