Re: YEC lecture notes. Part 3 (last of 3)

From: Michael Roberts (
Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 18:10:43 EDT

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    You must admit Glenn that these arguments are so funn y that you think they
    must be made in jest!
    Fossil teddy bears will keep me laughing for weeks.

    From what we see on the news year the USA is inundated =every year when a
    hurricane arrives. As you say proof of another global flood.

    Can you explain the psychology of YEC how they can actuaaly bleieve this? I
    can see this for followers but not the leaders who surely must realise the
    flaws of what they say. I dont see how anyone can resist criticism so
    absolutely as I go back and check sources - even when you have a go at me!!
    Am I weak because I have a fear of being wrong?

    I am afraid I cannot explain the behaviour of leading creationists except by
    coming to the conclusion that they deliberately lie. I would also add that
    some of their accusations are postively libellous, as in this

    Asserted that researchers get many
    >"wrong" answers, publish only those which agree.
    >Asserted that many researchers in radiometrics "deliberately lie."


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