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From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 13:54:49 EDT

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    At 09:56 AM 25/09/2003 -0400, George Murphy wrote:
    >SHEILA WILSON wrote:
    > >
    > > What is ICR????
    > >
    > > Please include descriptions with abbreviations at least once at the
    > BEGINNING of each email.

    I, for one, would not check every time what a particular acronym means. Is
    it too much to ask anyone who wants to tell me something to tell me what
    (s)he is talking about? So why not set up a special list for each
    acronym. It would save me lots of time. Now I get stuck on each of the 70
    to 100 e-mails I receive each day. Do I read this one or not? I am
    interested in postings on evolution, but I am not interested in each
    particular detail of Intelligent Design. It does not make sense to me to
    accuse God of being intelligent or not? Who are we? But to tell me
    beforehand that anyone wants to discuss a particular point might be
    interesting to me.
    Until then, out go the postings as soon as I see an acronym, without
    explanation, which I do not understand right away. I know I have books in
    my library here which probably explain it. Until these acronyms are used
    without explanation, (and if I do not immediately) recognize them, out they go.
    Jan de Koning
    >Sheila -
    > I understand your frustration but think it's unrealistic to
    > expect each person
    >who posts anything to list all acronyms. Terry, would it be possible to
    >have something
    >something available through the asa website that would list common
    >acronyms (YEC, TE,
    >MWI, &c)?
    > Shalom
    > George
    >George L. Murphy

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