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Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 06:53:00 EDT

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    Of self-deception, Walter wrote:

    >I think that we all do this to some degree ---- except for me of course :)

    Of course we all do it to some degree. But that is why it is important to
    challenge one's own beliefs from time to time.

    >Anyhow, I did not make up the phrase "Liars for Jesus". I think I
    >saw it in a
    >post by Burgy ---- who says it is not his notion.

    Oh, Burgy didn't have anything to do with this. I have seen that on the
    internet for years and years. Not that Burgy isn't smart enough to have
    coined it, he just didn't.

    >> When everyone says your baby is ugly, maybe it is time for a
    >"EVERYONE"? I say: eyeryone?!
    >If we counted up the people saying that YOUR baby is ugly, do you
    >think that you
    >outvote YECs or that they outvote you and your theory?

    When people tell me I am factually wrong, I do go check it out to see if
    they are correct. So it doesn't take a lot of people to make me re-assess.
    However, people don't tell me my theory is factually wrong. They tell me it
    is unbelievable. There is a big difference. People continusously tell YECs
    their theory is factually wrong on issue after issue and on argument after

    > Fortunately for you it is not a popularity contest.

    You misconstrued what I said. I said when everyone tells you your baby is
    ugly it is time for a reassesment. I didn't say it was time to give it up as
    false necessarily. I would say that a YEC should not automatically give it
    up. But they should re-assess. so popularity has nothing to do with it. And
    truth is not determined by vote. That said, a failure to convince people you
    are factually correct should make one wonder if the theory you build upon
    those 'facts' could be false. After all logic states that a theory based on
    false facts is highly unlikely to be true.

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