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Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 04:39:24 EDT

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    Glenn Morton wrote:

    > Walter, when I was a YEC, I didn't lie. I told people what I beleived. It
    > was crazy, it was wrong. But it isn't lying to be mistaken.

    There are various was to lie and the most effective is first to lie to yourself.
    Nowadays it goes under the name of "denial" or some other such fancy title.
    Don't tell me that you don't think that some people start by lying to
    themselves, convincing themselves that they are truthful, and then propagating
    that lie. Morris and his entropy is a great example. He is smart enough to
    conduct a simple experiment to demonstrate what he says is false but he does not
    want to do that. He first lies to himself, convinces himself it is true and then
    he tells the lies to others. It is too flagrant to be just a simple error in

    I think that we all do this to some degree ---- except for me of course :)

    Anyhow, I did not make up the phrase "Liars for Jesus". I think I saw it in a
    post by Burgy ---- who says it is not his notion.

    > Similarly, I
    > know that people like Allen actually believe what they say. They are,
    > sadly, very mistaken and the only issue I would have is that they never take
    > seriously the criticism of their position. Not to do that is their failing.
    > When everyone says your baby is ugly, maybe it is time for a reassessment.

    "EVERYONE"? I say: eyeryone?!

    If we counted up the people saying that YOUR baby is ugly, do you think that you
    outvote YECs or that they outvote you and your theory?

     Fortunately for you it is not a popularity contest.


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