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Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 19:58:14 EDT

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    >John W Burgeson wrote:
    >> Wally wrote, in part: "I agree with Burgy's line characterization as
    >> "Liars for Jesus" "
    >> Please note that I do not use that term myself, nor do I subscribe to it.
    >> I hold that the YEC leaders and speakers, as well as members of this
    >> list, are mistaken, and do say false things, but in so doing they are
    >> mistaken, not liars. A liar knows the truth and utters a falsehood. But
    >> anyone may be mistaken.
    >> Glenn once espoused some weird YEC doctrines, he was mistaken; he was not
    >> a liar. I call Joe Sebeny and Allen Roy's views mistakes; I do not accuse
    >> them of lying.
    >>From whence came the "Liars for Jesus" quote?
    >> There are people I might accuse of lying. John Ashcroft comes close, when
    >> he defends the indefensible sections of the "Patriot" act (with that
    >> name, who could vote against it?). But I will give even him the benefit
    >> of the doubt.
    >"Never accuse someone of malice when stupidity is an adequate
    >explanation" is
    >one philosophy. However, it is not the only possibility.

    Walter, when I was a YEC, I didn't lie. I told people what I beleived. It
    was crazy, it was wrong. But it isn't lying to be mistaken. Similarly, I
    know that people like Allen actually believe what they say. They are,
    sadly, very mistaken and the only issue I would have is that they never take
    seriously the criticism of their position. Not to do that is their failing.
    When everyone says your baby is ugly, maybe it is time for a reassessment.

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