Re: YEC Lecture notes -- part 2

From: John W Burgeson (
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 12:45:00 EDT

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    George wrote, in part: "We have to do whatever is possible to keep the
    Sebenys from infecting others but
    the chance of getting them to think is slight and efforts are better
    spent elsewhere."

    If I really thought that, I'd desist from this exercise. But that would
    be (although silent) a mark of disrespect to Joe and his cohorts,
    ignoring them because I thought them unworthy.

    I do not accuse YECers of "not thinking." I do challenge many of the
    results of their thinking, for I suspect that in many cases that have
    violated rule #2 of science "consider ALL the evidence." If one only
    reads ICR and AIG literature, that is not hard to do. It is like letting
    the prosecution present its case and holding the defense mute.

    Most of my "efforts" are, of course, spent elsewhere; confronting YEC
    nonsense is really only a small part. I am sure that in the past year I
    have spent 100 times as much time and effort on Habitat for Humanity as I
    have on arguing against the YEC fallacies. But I understand your point.

    I really hope that Joe, Roger and Mike will join these discussions. But
    so far they have chosen to stand mute. That seems to be a key YEC
    strategy, BTW, as I've seen the same thing on my Compuserve RELIGION
    forum. It is an all too frequent thing for a new member to show up, make
    the YEC arguments, cite a few proof texts frm the Bible, and disappear. I
    am sure they see themselves as "witnessing." Some witnesses are worse
    than none.


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