Bible Miracles vs. ID

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Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 12:27:11 EDT

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    Ted wrote:

    >Let me take another direction to get to the same issue (I think). Suppose,
    >Keith, that you and I were with the women who went to annoint Jesus' body
    >that Sunday morning. Or, that we were with the men in the "upper room" when
    >Jesus appeared and showed himself to Thomas. To the best of my knowledge,
    >Keith, you believe as I do, that these stories are substantively true--the
    >women went to the right place and Jesus was gone, the men did come to their
    >senses and recognized Jesus actually standing in their midst.
    >If we'd been there and experienced these things with them, would we with
    >our present understanding of "science" conclude that we had seen a miracle?

    I think we can draw a line of distinction between intelligent design and
    miracles in the Bible. Five features stand out that appear to be common in
    Bible miracles, there may be more.

    1. They were announced.
    2. They were done in front of witnesses.
    3. Each was performed openly.
    4. Each was performed for a specific purpose.
    5. They had a 100% success rate.

    By contrast, nothing is said in Scripture about life processes being
    subject to sporadic, miraculous interventions. There are no eye
    witnesses. ID mandates countless divine interventions done in
    secret. Humans (to name just one species) suffer from over 3,000 genetic
    disorders resulting from genetic imperfections. If God was dabbling
    directly in DNA, why all the mistakes?

    So I don't think Bible miracles offer justification for positing that God
    just does miracles all over the place, and that we have license to offer up
    miracles as explanations whenever we can't figure out a path of natural
    causation. There appear to be rules for Bible miracles. Although, being
    God, He can do whatever He wants.

    Dick Fischer - Genesis Proclaimed Association
    Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History

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