Re: Creationists Running for School Board

From: Ted Davis (
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 08:30:03 EDT

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    I like Keith's response to my expression of sympathy for some ID ideas, and
    I think I agree (I'm not sure of my own position) with it, at least most of
    it. I certainly agree that the devil (or the "intelligent designer," who
    could according to ID arguments turn out to be the devil) is in the details.

    Let me take another direction to get to the same issue (I think). Suppose,
    Keith, that you and I were with the women who went to annoint Jesus' body
    that Sunday morning. Or, that we were with the men in the "upper room" when
    Jesus appeared and showed himself to Thomas. To the best of my knowledge,
    Keith, you believe as I do, that these stories are substantively true--the
    women went to the right place and Jesus was gone, the men did come to their
    senses and recognized Jesus actually standing in their midst.

    If we'd been there and experienced these things with them, would we with
    our present understanding of "science" conclude that we had seen a miracle?


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