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From: Walter Hicks (
Date: Tue Sep 23 2003 - 21:49:22 EDT

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    Glenn Morton wrote:

    > As to science, I reject YEC science for scientific reasons. It simply is
    > laughably false as you note of Morris' entropy stuff. If you want a
    > scientific reason to reject the appearance of age, then look at SN1987A.
    > There is all the data needed to avoid appearance of age except in the face
    > of the most vile deception possible. see
    > down towards the bottom.

    I give up, Glenn. You just hammer on the same old weather-beaten drum and
    totally disregard anything that I say that might thwart your flawed logic. At
    least there are some on the list who listen, understand and offer intelligent
    rebuttal or agreement.

    Now I shall just do what you usually do: Simply "give you the last word " while
    I hop on my horse and ride off into the sunset to find more objective minds.


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