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Date: Tue Sep 23 2003 - 21:27:11 EDT

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    John W Burgeson wrote:

    > Wally wrote, in part: "My belief is that this list should stop the
    > practice of belittling all people who accept young earth and attack on a
    > scientific plane those with whom they are really upset."
    > Wally -- if I EVER "belittle" anyone for any belief they may hold, and
    > this includes people like your daughter and people like Ken Ham (to pick
    > two apparent extremes), please take me to task.

    I do not recall anytime that you have ever done that. It seems to me that
    you never belittle anyone. I am speaking of those who generalize and say
    that YECs, thus naming a group of people, do all manner of bad things like
    make up lies about science, etc. Clearly that is too all inclusive and they
    should identify the individual or organization and not effectively slander
    everyone who happens to believe in a young earth and has not said anything
    at all about scientific issues.

    > I belittle ideas, not people. At least that is my intention.
    > If you, for instance, believe that little blue invisible fairies are
    > responsible for the apples in your apple tree falling earthward, and not
    > shooting off into space, then I will belittle that idea -- but not you
    > personally, if you claim scientific evidence for your claim and try to
    > teach it to others. OTOH, if you just believe that, I'm not greatly
    > interested in enlightening you.

    I guess I'll never share my innermost thoughts and theories with you :-)

    > I do not belittle Joe Sebeny for his ideas; I do belittle Joe Sebeny's
    > ideas. See the difference? I admire Joe for his zeal and passion in
    > promoting that which he sincerely, as a devout Christian, believes. In
    > the life to come Joe and I will hold conversations about all this. With
    > you, BTW. In the meantime ... . I'm posting part two of my notes today.

    Like I said, Joe was O.K. in my book, but what he said at the session you
    attended makes him intellectually downgraded IMO.


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