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    >> >I will repeat what I have said many times. You can laugh at it and
    >> >belittle it,
    >> >but just shows an unwillingness on your part to think out of
    >your own self
    >> >constructed box.
    >> >
    >> I am always amazed at this charge against me, which has been made by
    >> young-earthers often.
    >When one is amazed by a charge it only shows how he does not
    >realize how he
    >sounds to others.

    Another possibility is that one is amazed that such a major change is not
    thought of when such charges are brought--even when they know of the change.
    Indicates a lack of thoroughness.


    >> You are correct I don't like the appearance of age argument. I think it
    >> makes God out to be a liar.
    >That is a totally unscientific reason and the same claim that YECs
    >make about
    >you. Are you really having trouble seeing that?

    I think you meant that to say 'the same claim I make about YECs.' If in
    order to save Christianity and the Judeo-christian view, we must make God a
    liar, then we are destroying christianity. Why would we destroy
    Christianity in order to save it??? Makes no sense to me.

    As to science, I reject YEC science for scientific reasons. It simply is
    laughably false as you note of Morris' entropy stuff. If you want a
    scientific reason to reject the appearance of age, then look at SN1987A.
    There is all the data needed to avoid appearance of age except in the face
    of the most vile deception possible. see
    down towards the bottom.

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