YEC Lecture notes -- part 2

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Date: Tue Sep 23 2003 - 17:11:08 EDT

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    I continue with the second part of my notes from the Durango YEC lecture,
    9/20/03. Again, portions in parentheses are my comments -- the rest are
    my notes on what was said.
    The universe, as well as the earth, is young (6007 + or – a few years).

    We don't observe evolving galaxies, only completed ones.
    We don't observe evolving stars, only completed ones.

    Earth was created on day 1 as a “big ball of water.” (Joe probably meant
    a big ball covered with water).

    He brought up Hugh Ross’s views and dissed them.
    Many comparisons of scientific statements with Bible verses. Very
    persuasive here.
    The Bible is inerrant, true in all its parts. One flaw would invalidate
    the whole.
    “God made” has to mean “God made quickly.”

    Stars are supposed to form from gas clouds. But gas clouds expand, not
    contract. So that theory is invalid and so stars had to be created
    intact. Therefore – recent creation.

    We have NEVER seen a star being formed. Cited Alfren (1976), DeYoung
    (2000), both of whom are YECers (I think) and Whipple (date not shown).

    (I guess I've never seen a mountain being formed, by that criteria. <G>)

    Science deals only in the present.
    We don't understand star formation – therefore recent creation.

    There is no accepted explanation for the formation of the solar system,
    therefore recent creation; the solar system is designed. Cites Kepler as
    an authority here.

    Argued the special conditions of the earth-moon-sun system as evidence of
    design and therefore evidence of recent creation (again, fallacy of the
    excluded middle).

    Recommends the Moody Bible Institute Science Series films (I had thought
    better of MBI than this).
    The tenet that the earth is not young challenges the veracity of

    The geological column was caused by Noah’s flood. (Glenn – note that he
    did not challenge the column’s existence. This may be a change in the YEC

    Scripture says Adam and Eve were made AT THE BEGINNING, and so the model
    of a young earth and old universe is falsified. Q. E. D.

    If you say otherwise, you are saying Jesus Christ was a liar. (Again, no

    Scientists are sinners just as we. (OK).
    Liberal theology (I think he means anything not YEC) compromises

    Discussed the word “yom.” That word cannot be used figuratively before it
    has been used literally. Since Genesis is book one, it must be the oldest
    written, and therefore when it says “yom” it must mean a literal day.

    (Modern scholarship says Genesis was written fairly recently; some
    conservative scholars differ. If the latter are right he has a point

    “When I read Genesis as a young child, I understood it. That’s how it
    should be read as an adult. Literally.

    “Nobody prior to the modern age (he did not quantify this) questioned the
    biblical chronology or the 24 hour days of Genesis 1.”

    (words escape me here).

    While the year, month and day are “natural,” the “week” is God-given in
    Genesis. The proof of this is Ex 20:11. Expects the ACLU to sue on this
    eventually. (probably joking here, but it was hard to tell).

    There are absolutely no gaps in the genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11. 6007
    plus or minus a few years at most. The evolution model adds millions
    (actually billions, but who is counting) of years of death before Adam
    and Eve. But death was not present before that time – for there was no
    time before that time.

    (Joe carefully stayed away from the possibility of death between Adam’s
    fiat creation and the expulsion from Eden. <G>)

    If you say otherwise, you are attacking the Bible and doing great damage
    to the cause of Christ.
    More later.


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