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Date: Tue Sep 23 2003 - 08:56:28 EDT

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    Glenn Morton wrote:

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    > >I will repeat what I have said many times. You can laugh at it and
    > >belittle it,
    > >but just shows an unwillingness on your part to think out of your own self
    > >constructed box.
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    > I am always amazed at this charge against me, which has been made by
    > young-earthers often.

    When one is amazed by a charge it only shows how he does not realize how he
    sounds to others.

    > I am the one who changed from YEC to TE. That is
    > thinking out of my self-constructed box. It changed my conception of God
    > and how he is involved with the world. I have my life historical evidence
    > for my willingness to change. do you?

    I started out as an RC, became an agnostic and searcher, studied much and
    became a theist/nominal Christian, then a committed Christian (when I read the
    NT and had a mentor). I have never looked upon the Bible as literal and
    ,because of my innate nature, tend to be open about most subjects. I tend to be
    skeptical of close- minded people who think they have have the right answers
    and that others are oh so wrong. That includes ICR, AIG and Glenn Morton.

    > You are correct I don't like the appearance of age argument. I think it
    > makes God out to be a liar.

    That is a totally unscientific reason and the same claim that YECs make about
    you. Are you really having trouble seeing that?


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