Re: Creationists Running for School Board

From: Ted Davis (
Date: Tue Sep 23 2003 - 08:40:19 EDT

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    Why doesn't the ID movement distance itself from YEC, as I have been asking
    them for some time?

    Here's what Phil Johnson says (I'm going from memory, just take the sense
    and not the words as Phil's).

    If he and his camp were to disavow the YECs, what would be gained? Would
    the scientific establishment suddenly warm up to ID? Would they cease
    calling ID advocates, "intelligent design creationists," in an effort to
    dismiss their arguments without engaging them?

    My answers: (1) Respect, or at least less disrespect. (Phil disagrees)
    (2) No, the scientific community as a whole is incapable of considering any
    interpretation of scientific evidence that incorporates a mind that
    pre-dates the universe. This isn't an objective response, but it's the
    response that one sees. (3) Generally, yes. IMO, some ID arguments are
    powerful and have not been refuted, they have only been shouted down. An
    example is Dembski's point that science *does* accept the validity of making
    inferences to intelligence--something like that must underlie the SETI
    project, archaeology, anthropology, etc. But scientists simply won't allow
    the intelligence to be "supernatural."

    I'm still of both minds on this one. I wonder what others on this list
    would say, in response to those questions.


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