Re: Creationists Running for School Board

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Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 23:34:02 EDT

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    What they say depends on the audience. Are they
    writing for First Things? well then they are creationist.
    Are they writing for the Houston Chronicle? How dare
    those Darwin censors bring religion into it. and of course
    they are not anti-evolution. They just oppose Neo-
    Darwinian dogmatism and propaganda.

    But I would like to see the use of the term anti-evolutionist
    and more publicity surrounding the EC position. That
    decouples creationism and anti-evolutionism, itself a
    positive thing, & expresses what ID'rs are actually up to.

    See, eg,

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      But they do more than not speak out against YEC claims. There are YEC supporters such as Paul Nelson who are Discovery Institute spokespersons. The latest ID conference includes several YEC proponents including a member of a radical young Earth fundamentalist Muslim organization. They clearly warmly embrace those with YE positions as part of the ID effort.

      Their own actions have caused the melding of ID arguments and YE arguments. I do not see that the critics of ID are to blame for the conflation.


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