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Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 22:27:28 EDT

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    >> I can assure you, Walter, it is more than one of them. One guy
    >thinks I am a
    >> compromiser, put it in print, AIG web pages said that I was an apostate
    >> until I forced him to remove it. ...
    >And the only thing you did was to change your mind? You did
    >nothing to provoke

    Not that I can figure out. At first, I went to my fellow YECs trying to show
    them new information. I still considered myself a creationist (still do) but
    as they realised my change, they more and more pushed me away. I even tried
    to publish part of my views (the Mediteranean flood idea) in CRSQ. I was
    told that it violated their by laws (I guess it didn't matter if it had a
    chance of being true). I then tried to publish a discussion of duck
    footprints and nibbling marks found in the Green River in CRSQ (Creation
    REsearch Society Quarterly) but Eugene Chaffin simply rejected the letter
    saying that they weren't duck foot prints. You could even see the webbing
    between the toes and the beak marks in the rock. But of course, they
    couldn't be duck footprints or they would cause YEC problems. (technically
    these are not ducks but the footprints are web-footed). I tried one more
    time to publish in CRSQ and it said nothing about local floods or evolution.
    It was merely a critique of Carl Froede's factual error in one of his
    papers. They rejected it as well and it didn't violate any of their precious
    rules. But they weren't going to let me infect anyone.

    It was about this time that I realized that I wouldn't be welcome in YEC
    circles again. Slusher, Barnes and other famous YECs quit returning my
    calls. George Howe was the last to leave me but then he was always a bit
    different than the rest. The lay YECs I knew in Dallas now viewed me with
    suspicion. Don Patten got kind of nasty with me at one Dallas MEOS meeting
    and a close friend there that night told me I only held my beliefs to keep
    my job. Clearly he thought I had sold out.

     I tried to publish my Mediterranean idea in PSCF and got it rejected. This
    was a low point for me because there was no one who would publish anything
    I wrote. It wasn't until my famous debate with Dick Fischer that I got the
    leverage to get my ideas published in PSCF. When I pointed out that
    Fischer's idea required water to flow up hill and they published it, but
    wouldn't publish mine which didn't have that issue, they finally relented.
    Thanks Dick, I needed your help. :-)

    All in all, changing a world view is a painful process, especially if you
    were a YEC. People actually tell you that you have left the faith. Allen,
    YECs are not particularly forgiving of those who leave their ranks.

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