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Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 21:43:56 EDT

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    Hi Sarah

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     Who's he talking
    >about? Is he talking about rank-and-file YEC? I
    >don't think so. Glenn, what say you? Walter, if
    >Glenn says not, will you suggest an appropriate word for
    >Glenn to use so that y'all don't go around in circles?
    >How about Banana-sellers?

    The YECs who have been the nastiest to me are the Banana sellers, the
    professional YECs like Ham, Morris, Froede, Humphreys, Austin Willis, Brown
    and others. I have been mistreated by a number of non-pro's as well but I
    figure they are just following the loving lead of their leaders. The
    rank-and-file, I believe, are victims of the Banana-sellers. Thus I don't
    hold them accountable, or as accountable. They are not robots and could
    check for themselves but they choose to give other people their brains for

    Walter wrote:

    >I take it back,; you were mugged by an entire mob from the (YEC) mafia.
    >That still does not justify condemning _all_ Italians.

    I simply said they are wrong. That is not condeming all YECs. Can you tell
    me a YEC who is correct in their views? If not, then Walter drop this silly
    line. I said they were wrong, they were doing harm to the faith and unless
    you can point me to a factually correct YEC, I will stand on that view. If
    all 'Italians' are wrong, then it isn't wrong to say so. Get over it.

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