Re: Creationists Running for School Board

From: Keith Miller (
Date: Fri Jan 02 1970 - 17:39:08 EST

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    > > Now its in my backyard.  What do you guys think about tagging the
    > movement:
    > > "intelligent design creationism"?  Fair or unfair?
    > I'll say it's not a simple call, but will opt for "mostly fair."
    > 1. As Michael Roberts has often pointed out on this list, the ID
    > leadership has, for strategic reasons (to attract as many supporters
    > as possible), chosen not to speak clearly against the YE portion of
    > YEC. That has had the effect of prolonging the sad state of affairs of
    > Christianity being associated with a belief about the age of universe
    > that has long been discredited by responsible scholarship.

    But they do more than not speak out against YEC claims. There are YEC
    supporters such as Paul Nelson who are Discovery Institute
    spokespersons. The latest ID conference includes several YEC
    proponents including a member of a radical young Earth fundamentalist
    Muslim organization. They clearly warmly embrace those with YE
    positions as part of the ID effort.

    Their own actions have caused the melding of ID arguments and YE
    arguments. I do not see that the critics of ID are to blame for the


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