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Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 19:54:30 EDT

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    John W Burgeson wrote:
    > George wrote: "> Forgive me, but did someone on this list mentioned the
    > name of a school of
    > > thought that holds that the royal families of Europe descended from
    > supposed
    > > children of Jesus and Mary Magdalene?
    > To call such a view a "school of thought" would be unfair to both
    > "schools" and
    > "thought"."
    > I beg to differ. The sect still exists in the south of France. One may
    > deem them as heretics, but they exist, have their theologies and worship
    > rituals, etc. At one time they were a fair size body of Christians; there
    > were wars of extermination which they lost and were reduced in size to a
    > remnant by "real Christians."
    > It has been a year since I studied them -- that part of Christian History
    > was a 3 or 4 minute tangential point in one lecture and maybe a page or
    > two in the text. I seem to recall the name "Parsival" as being associated
    > with it, but that may not be so.

            It sounds as if you may be referring to the Albigenses/Cathari, though I wasn't
    aware that these ideas about Mary M were part of their belief system - which was
    basically gnostic. & I don't recall any connection with the Parsival story - with which
    I'm moderately familiar. In any case, being persecuted doesn't lend any moral or
    intellectual cachet to a group. I can think that it's wrong to persecute Jehovah's
    Witnesses or Mormons while still thinking that their distinctive beliefs are absurd.

            You also said in aanother post on this thread:

    > I heard it somewhere where Luther once thought that Jesus and Ms.
    > Magdalene might have been husband and wife. But that may just be an idle
    > rumor.
    > Suppose I thought it might be so? Would this be a reason to consider me
    > as a non-Christian? Suppose I held that it was a fact?

            Someone else told me that they had seen this statement about Luther in a
    recent magazine article. I know of nowhere Luther said anything like this, would be
    very surprised if he did, & won't believe it until the reference in the Weimar Ausgabe
    is supplied & checked. People feel free to attribute all kinds of things to Luther. A
    few years ago Time magazine had him condemn not only Copernicus but Kepler - which
    couldn't have been easy since Kepler wasn't born till 20 years after Luther died.

            & as to your last question - no, I don't think believing that Jesus & MM were
    married would ipso facto make you a non-Christian. My point was not that but that it is
    a claim with absolutely no factual support. & remember that the claim in question (note
    our subject line) is also that the royal houses of Europe are descended from them. A
    person can believe that only if he or she knows no European history.

            Let a thousand flowers bloom! Remember that I have the honor of having been
    expelled from the International Flat Earth Society. But I will call a loon a loon.


    George L. Murphy

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