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    Quite seriously some YECs dont need anyone to demonise them as they do it for themselves. Consider the treatment of Glenn, also of Dan wonderley in the 70s and the cases against Terry and Howard van Til in their churches. Then consider the number of times non-YECs are accused of being liberals. apostate and denying the word of God - on aid site Davis Young is called a supposed evangelical . This list goes on ad finitum.
    Part of the YEC stock in trade is to demonise anyone who is not. That is so in the UK and the USA. This is not restricted to YEC activists but is passed over to clergy and laity who are infected with the YEC virus. Undoubtedly the greatest responsibility for this lies with the YEC hardcore from AIG ICR etc.
    However YEC clergy must carry much of the blame. They must be aware that most evangelical OT scholars since about 1830 have taken a non-literal view of Genesis. In their church history they would have read of BBWarfield Hodge Orr and others from about 1900 and how most from 1900 to 1990 were OEC. I cannot see how anyone studying in a seminary could not know all this. Yet they have chosen to push YEC from their pulpits wilfully knowing that the science is questionable and that most evangelicals have been non-literalsit. No wonder a bright young sophomore from Wheaton said to me that she had been brainwashed by her youth pastor. This is happening in the UK more and more. Too often clergy argue that there may be several legitimate interpretations and that YEC is equally valid.
    Due to the diet from pulpits and popular Christian books many devout Christians think YEC is the only option for a Christian and then question the soundness of any who are not YEC perhaps saying that if they dont take Genesis literally then they cant accept the divinity or resurrection of Christ. They can often trot out the familiar YEC twaddle. Now I am sure that they are trying to be faithful to christ but they fail because of their teachers. Even so they cause dissension among Christians

    It is easier to analyse the problem than to deal with it because the yEC propaganda machine has captured the moral and spiritual high ground. It is difficult to expose the falsity of the YEC position when it is wrapped up in such sound theology.

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    > I mention my daughter specifically to personalize it. I really do resent generalizations like
    >Glenn's to demonize YECs is to lower yourself to the level they are portrayed to represent.

      I didn't demonize them. I said that they were flat wrong. And that they are dragging the Bible into fallacy with them. If you chose to think that demonizes them I am sorry. I didn't call them names. just said they were wrong--which they are.

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