Re: C.S. Lewis on ETs and theology

From: Robert Schneider (
Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 17:28:52 EDT

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    Blake writes:
    > To the contrary, I think the concrete Jesus of
    > Nazareth is the greatest hope (and promise) that God
    > will join His nature with ETs who are in need of
    > redeemption, too...

    Blake and Steve,

        Your exchange picks up on a topic that George Murphy and I touched on
    over a year ago. The question, which was raised rather early in Christian
    theology, was this: would the Incarnation have happened if there was no
    sin, or no "original sin"? There is a tradition in theology that answers
    that question in the affirmative, that sees the Incarnation as a final step
    that brings God's self revelation to human kind to its most intimate level
    through the divine sharing in humanity, and, without abandoning the notion
    of forgiveness of sins through Christ's actions, sees Christ as the model
    of human perfection to which imperfect humans can commit themselves to
    follow. In eastern Christianity, incarnation is linked to the concept of
    "theosis," as Athanasius put it in his treatise "On the Incarnation": He
    [Christ] was made human in order that we might be made divine."

        I see no reason why such a notion of Incarnation may not be entertained
    by a Christian not only for the Christian life on this planet, but also
    extended as a possibility for intelligent and self-reflective life on the
    millions of planets in our and other galaxies on which they may exist.
    Further, I see no difficulty in supposing that God might manifest Godself in
    a like intimate Incarnation through what would be the equivalent of the
    female of such species.

        It is fun to speculate on such matters in a spirit of friendly
    back-and-forth. And I am with Howard in wishing to receive a message from
    intelligent beings from another planet to observe its effect on believers
    and their various theologies, and what such beings might teach us about The

    May the Energia be with us,
    Bob Schneider

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