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    The following source should help:

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    Burgy wrote, _inter alia_:

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    >It is on this line of reasoning that I will not use the "God will not
    >mislead" argument against YEC claims. God COULD have created the
    >universe, and us, 6007 years ago, just as a literal reading of Genesis
    >clearly reports. The scientific evidence for an earth older than that
    >a factor of 700,000 or so, can then be explained in two ways:

    Where did archbishop Ussher get his (in)famous creation date of
    4004 BC? It seems there is no continuous genealogy which also
    gives precise ages linking Adam to (say) Christ. (Or have I simply
    not noticed it?)
    OTOH I seem to vaguely remember reading somewhere that Ussher
    arrived at his figure not from genealogy at all, but rather from some
    theological consideration that required multiples of 1000 years,
    4000 of which were prior to Jesus' birth. The extra 4 years were
    added (making it 4004 BC rather than 4000 BC) because, due to
    inaccuracy in the original 'zero point', Jesus was born in 4 BC.
    Does anyone know if this is so? and have a reference for it?


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