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Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 12:33:29 EDT

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    > Let us be clear that the Nazi hatred of the Jews was based on 2000 years of
    > anti-Semitism, to which, sadly, Christianity contributed a great deal. To
    > lay the blame on belief in evolution is to greatly distort the situation. A
    > scientific theory is not responsible for the misunderstandings and
    > perversions that people subject it to.

    Let us be clear that Nazi hatred of the Jews was NOT based on 2,000 years of
    Christian anti-Semitism. "Anti-semitism" has been around far longer than
    Ezra 4:8-17. Exodus 1:6-11. The urban myth that anti-Semitism developed OUT
    OF Christianity is a liberal canard designed denigrate Christianity and
    promote religious diversity.
    Jewish religious communities have always prospered in a multicultural society
    similar to the Ottoman Empire.

    Jewish priests succeeded in executing many of the earliest leaders of
    Much of the tension between Jews and Christians has historically been over
    ethnically based resource competition and "conversos."

    From the Ad Diognetum:

    By the Jews they are attacked as aliens [Christians], and by the Greeks
    persecuted; and the cause of the enmity their enemies cannot tell.

    rich faussette


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