Re: Capuchin's show sense of justice/fair play

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Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 09:47:57 EDT

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    > I have heard this canard expressed frequently in recent years. After the
    > Columbine massacre, Rep. Tom DeLay stood on the floor of the House, and
    > without a shred of evidence to support him, accused the teaching of
    > evolution for motivating the two students to commit this massacre. People
    > who make such charges have an obligation to provide evidence to back up
    > their claims. Otherwise they should avoid making such irresponsible
    > accusations.

    This was alleged again during the hearings at the Texas
    State Board of Education. The person making the
    allegation was a high school student, and no one
    challenged her or questioned her on that, I expect
    because of her youth. The irony of this is that this
    young lady was arguing that because she could
    read Hamlet, she was capable of evaluating
    the plusses and minuses of scientific theories, but she
    blithely made ignorant comments like this. I would
    note that no one asked her opinion of Kimura's
    neutral theory and I doubt her literary expertise would
    help her there.

    However when the gospel preacher reiterated the
    charge that the teaching of evolution was responsible
    for the modern degradation of society Ms. Mavis Knight
    did comment that she did not believe her education
    regarding evolution tainted her such that she was
    incapable of making moral decisions.

    > Bob Schneider

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