RE: Questions to Allen Roy

From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 07:21:13 EDT

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    Walter wrote:

    >To me this is like condemning all italians after being mugged in
    >an alley by one
    >some time in the past.

    I can assure you, Walter, it is more than one of them. One guy thinks I am a
    compromiser, put it in print, AIG web pages said that I was an apostate
    until I forced him to remove it. Two other fellows also called me an
    apostate. Another guy called me the son of satan. Another has said various
    things about me including intentionally decietful. One fellow said I was a
    heretic. Many others have told me that I am not a christian. Richard Kouchoo
    hasn't quite said I wasn't a Christian but he implies (or I infer) that that
    is what he thinks. Even Phil Johnson once asked me why I didn't go be an

    I strongly suspect I got email bombed after criticising one YEC. 2500 emails
    per hour was a bit too much and my provider threatened to cut me off and I
    was the recipient!

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